HORROR: Marine Corps Veteran Taken Hostage, Finally Free At 81 Years-Old…

HORROR: Marine Corps Veteran Taken Hostage, Finally Free At 81 Years-Old…

It is simply astonishing sometimes to see what one human being is willing to do to another. One man who paid his dues his whole life and honorably served his country was confined to a prison because another man – a bully of the highest order – wanted his benefits checks. Now, thankfully, after four years of being imprisoned in a hotel room, the 81 year-old man is free and the bully will get to see what imprisonment is really like.


From CBS:

A New York man is accused of holding an 81-year-old Marine Corps veteran hostage in an upstate motel next door to a police station for at least four years in order to steal his benefits checks.

Perry Coniglio was arrested July 19 in his room adjoining the victim’s at the U.S. Academy Motel in Highlands, just feet away from a building housing police and ambulance services in the Hudson Valley town. The charges against Coniglio include grand larceny and unlawful imprisonment.

Police say he used brute force and intimidation to get veteran David McClellan to cooperate with him. Investigators say the victim received three checks every month. The amounts weren’t released.

The victim has been taken to a hospital for evaluation.

Conligio faces multiple charges, including criminal possession of a weapon, endangering the welfare of an incompetent person, grand larceny, menacing, unlawful imprisonment and unlawful possession of marijuana.

Coniglio is being held in jail Thursday on $15,000 bail. It’s unclear if Coniglio has an attorney.

Was it worth it?

The 81 year-old man likely had basic cable and a comfy bed. Coniglio is likely to receive three hots and a cot and if anybody finds out what he did, he might find himself getting shivved.

If there is any justice, this man will have a rough incarceration…

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