George W. Bush Shares TERRIFYING Statement – Is There Still Hope?

George W. Bush is not endorsing Donald Trump. It makes sense; Trump slammed his brother Jeb and humiliated him time and time again on the campaign trail. Trump also blasted George’s presidency repeatedly. Still, the Bushes are holding a grudge and the former president issued a startling warning: the GOP may be done for.

From Western Journalism:

As the Republican Party meets this week to chart the next few months, one of its former leaders has grave doubts about the future from where he sits — which is very far away from Cleveland.

According to Politico, former President George W. Bush has told close advisers and friends, “I’m worried that I will be the last Republican president.”

The former president — along with his father, former President George H.W. Bush, and his brother, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, are sitting out this week’s Republican National Convention. During the primary season, GOP nominee Donald Trump continually demeaned the candidacy of Jeb Bush, and he also took several shots at George W. Bush’s leadership after 9/11 and the decision to invade Iraq.

The former president has also shown his disdain for Trump’s style.

“I understand that Americans are angry and frustrated, but we do not need someone in the Oval Office who mirrors and inflames our anger and frustration,” Bush said at one point. “We need someone that can fix the problems that cause our anger and frustration.”

However, the former president does not directly attack Trump, using a line that works well as he campaigns for congressional candidates. “My candidate lost,” Bush will say, referring to his brother.

Although Bush will be missing yet another convention — he has not attended since he left office — there are Republicans who are wishing he were there.

“He should be here,” said Soraya Zamora, a delegate from Texas. “He was a president of the United States and he has been a leader of this party. He should be here as well. This is not about Donald Trump. This is about the Republican Party and showing everybody that we can manage ourselves and put things aside for the good of the party. Not just the good of the party. For the good of the country.”

Others, though, said Bush may simply have had enough time in the limelight.

“I’ll be honest with you. Had I gone through what President Bush had gone through, I probably would have my belly full and said, ‘You know what, I don’t need this,’” said Nelson Spear, who was part of a Secret Service detail when Bush came to New Mexico in 2004.

Some expect the scars of the campaign to heal over time.

“In a primary situation, all is fair in war. Most of the time, they move on from the primary. I think the day will come when the Bushes and Donald Trump will put this behind them,” said delegate Doug Colety, chairman of the Westchester County, N.Y., Republican Committee.

However, for some delegates, that day cannot come too soon.

“If he showed up, he’d be given an overwhelming welcome,” said David Keene, a longtime conservative activist. I think [the Trump campaign] would cheer him too.”

George W. Bush was a moderately sub-par president with an above-par love of this country – a trait that has been lacking in the Oval Office for nearly eight years.

While his love of this nation is laudable, not only is his leadership ability in question, but he seems to have not noticed that things have changed considerably since “his day.”

We are in tremendous debt (thanks, in part, to his policies) and we are more fractured than ever before.

While Donald Trump may not be the answer, Bush’s style of establishment, middle-of-the-road republicanism is outdated and such a candidate (like Jeb) would get demolished in a general election against Hillary Clinton.

We needed a fighter in the race and that only left Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. Admittedly, I would have vehemently preferred the latter over the former, but I will take Trump over any squish “Republican” any day.

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