Mission ‘I Do’ Gives Couple with INCREDIBLE Love Story a Dream Wedding

Mission ‘I Do’ Gives Couple with INCREDIBLE Love Story a Dream Wedding

Not very many people have a remarkable love story to tell – but this couple won a contest for the extraordinary love story that started with a mission in Afghanistan – and ended up with Mission I do! :


Samantha Dilberian and Staff Sgt. Chris St. Onge of Tampa, Florida, didn’t realize how special their love story was until they put it down on paper while applying to win a dream wedding.

Staff Sgt. Onge served in Afghanistan with Samantha’s brother Bryan Dilberian. The two were on a routine patrol in July 2011 with the rest of their squad when an explosion shocked them all.

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“We’re not 100 percent sure what happened, we just know an explosion happened that wounded Bryan and killed another member of our squad,” St. Onge told PEOPLE Magazine.

Bryan lost both of his legs and his left arm. St. Onge helped stop the bleeding and got him to the hospital. The Bronze Star recipient spent the next few months checking on his friend through emails with Bryan’s sister, Samantha.

The two emailed and talked on the phone for eight months before they finally met in person.

“We just kept talking and one thing lead to another,” he said.

Soon after the couple became engaged in August 2015, they heard about a contest for military personnel in the area.

The couple’s story won the third annual “Mission I Do” Dream Wedding Giveaway, which included an impressive check for $30,000 and an all-inclusive wedding at a waterfront venue.

And Bryan served as St. Onge’s best man.

Welcome to happy ever after.


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