Video: Donald Trump Crashes Nevada Caucus Site As Glenn Beck Stumps for Ted Cruz

Video: Donald Trump Crashes Nevada Caucus Site As Glenn Beck Stumps for Ted Cruz

While America is definitely due for some “straight-talk” from political leaders, those who wish to ascend the Oval Office should be willing to maintain a semblance of dignity and propriety. When Donald Trump crashed a Nevada event to solicit attention, he demonstrated that he is bereft of both.


Republican frontrunner Donald Trump stormed into a Nevada caucus location Tuesday evening as conservative media mogul Glenn Beck stumped for Ted Cruz.

The scene unfolded live on MSNBC at the caucus site set up in Palo Verde High School’s gymnasium

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“Donald Trump has just walked into this location,” an MSNBC reporter said on-air, noting Beck was still “speaking on behalf of Ted Cruz.”

It was not clear if Trump knew beforehand that Beck was speaking at the location when he made his entrance.

Beck, who has endorsed Cruz, has been at odds with Trump for months now, slamming the businessman on his radio program, Twitter and elsewhere. The billionaire has repeatedly returned fire, going after Beck in a personal manner.

UPDATE: Beck responded on Facebook:

Glenn Beck, who supports Cruz, responds to @realDonaldTrump crashing his

— Tré Goins-Phillips (@tregp) February 24, 2016

Donald Trump has many positive attributes and would, undoubtedly, do some good things if he were president. However, there seems to be simply too many red flags to ignore.

While this is not the outrageous stunt he has pulled (far from it, in fact), we should be cautious about electing another ego maniac to the highest office of the land.

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