Obama Threatens to Close Key Air Force Base to Coerce Healthcare Vote

Chicago politics now guides our national security. From The Weekly Standard’s blog:

Twenty Republican senators have requested that the Senate Armed Services Committee launch an investigation into reports that the Obama White House threatened to close Nebraska’s Offutt Air Force base unless Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson fell into line on health care. Those reports first appeared on this blog. In the letter to Senators Levin and McCain, the committee chairman and ranking member, the 20 ask that “a hearing be held as to whether the BRAC process has been compromised.”

Nelson and the White House unsurprisingly deny everything. But TWS is standing by its story. Fortunately the threat — like so much coming out of the Obamination Administration — is empty and fake:

The Base Realignment and Closure Process won’t get started again for a couple of years, and Offutt is a nearly irreplaceable piece of America’s national security infrastructure.

Offutt Air Force is the headquarters of United States Strategic Command, the heart of American military security. But then, if Chairman Zero could care any less about our national security, it wouldn’t take him three months to respond to urgent requests for reinforcements in Afghanistan.

On tips from AnonymoUS and Conan. Hat tip: Stop the ACLU. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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