Michael Steele: Stop throwing a hissy fit, tea partiers.

So at first, when I heard what Steele said this week I just rolled my eyes and moved on. It didn’t bother me. But I thought about it yesterday. And then I went to the RNC and heard him speak at their “tea party” yesterday and blame everything on the Democrats over and over. And I realized how clueless he really is.

At the risk of sounding too much like our President, let me be clear. I don’t want to see the party split. But I also think it’s silly to have half the party running like Barack Obama and the other half running like Ronald Reagan. We can’t win in that situation either. I kind of view the Tea Party as an outside force that keeps Republicans accountable. The party cannot refine itself from within. It takes pressure from the outside — from those who can speak freely about officials and hold their feet to the fire.

This is nothing but:  a clear illustration of how incredibly out of touch Steele is with this movement. He’s figured out that it’s significant and it’s not going anywhere. I will give him credit for that much. He isn’t trying to ignore us anymore, but there is no doubt that they’re all nervous. Him telling the movement to “come home” to the GOP is the equivalent of a parent looking at someone else’s kid and telling them to stop throwing a tantrum.

People are not angry because of the Democrats. Democrats are just doing what Lefties do. It’s their thing. What we’re angry about is the fact that the GOP, who SHOULD be representing a smaller government and more freedom, forgot what they were supposed to be doing. They’re the ones that left us, not the other way around. There is no excuse for starting Bailoutpalooza or “suspending free market principles to save the market” or whatever crap line Bush fed us last year. THAT’s what we’re angry about. It has every bit as much to do with the Republicans as with the Democrats. In fact, I’d wager that the crowds at these rallies are even more hostile to liberal Republicans than they are toward Democrats. The outcry is non-partisan.

I have to re-iterate that this is not about being anti-GOP. It needs to be noted that every Republican who has been a freedom fighter and had the cajones to show up at the rallies and face the people has been embraced. Michele Bachmann, Joe Wilson, Jim DeMint, Marsha Blackburn, Mike Pence, and other have shown up time and again to take on the establishment and do the right thing. They are what the GOP needs to be. As long as the RNC is giving $900k to help people like Dede Scozzafava, it is hard take them seriously. The NY-23 race was the ultimate punk for the RNC. She took their money, was an embarrassment, and then threw her support behind the opponent. They have no credibility. The “Republican” name is a liability.

Michael Steele fails to realize that in order for us to “come home” the Tea Party would have had to be a Republican movement to begin with, which is just false. He’s saying things that play directly into the media’s caricature of what it is. Really, it is the GOP that needs to come home. The people that have become the Tea Party never went anywhere.

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