Why Is The Governator In Copenhagen When His State’s Economy Is In The Crapper? And, “Saracuda Tougher Than Schwarzenegger”

Politics Daily’s Matt Lewis baits the lefties at MSNBC:

Should President Obama be over in Copenhagen? If his goal is an empty, symbolic gesture, yes. If he cares about America, no. It doesn’t serve America’s interests to negotiate with 3rd world thugs and pretend that giving these regimes money will make the climate better.

The whole summit is a hypocritical farce.

Best part of the video: When the lefty brays about the 5% increase in green jobs and Matt responds that California ranks 33 in the United States in job creation.

Also, the reporter doing the questioning is so vehement in his opinion about climate change. I’m a Christian and have less blind faith. Good grief, these guys are such true believers it’s embarrassing.

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