The Taliban Asked Bowe Bergdahl a Very Interesting Question About Barack Obama

The Taliban Asked Bowe Bergdahl a Very Interesting Question About Barack Obama

I harbor no sympathy for Bowe Bergdahl and I believe he is guilty of giving aid and comfort to the enemy. But he did say something interesting during a recent interview. Bergdahl claimed that during one of his guard’s video making ventures, they asked him if Obama was gay and slept with men. Never ever underestimate your enemy. His young guards were also curious about where US military bases got their prostitutes, alcohol and drugs, and were obsessed with American soft drinks. Evidently, they have a thing for Mountain Dew. Of course, I’m not sure you can believe anything this man says, but if it were true, the enemy sees Obama as even weaker than we do. And that is very, very dangerous.

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From PolitiStick:

It was announced recently that he would face a general court-martial. All eyes will be on the case as the country awaits to learn his punishment. Between now and then, Bergdahl is the focus of the fourth season of a popular podcast called “Serial,” hosted by Sarah Koenig.

Interviews conducted by filmmaker Mark Boal, who is responsible for the Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty, are being used in the podcast. While they cover a lot of information regarding his time with the Taliban, one thing that Bergdahl said about a question the Taliban asked of him is getting a lot of attention.

Bergdahl said his guards were often bored and made videos during which they asked him a variety of questions, some sometimes ridiculous. At one point, Bergdahl said they asked of Obama was gay.

He shared, “They ask you, is Obama gay and sleeps with men?”

People tend to forget that when Bergdahl was handed over to the US, his so-called captors hugged him goodbye and wished him well. We traded five of the worst in Gitmo for him and he got soldiers killed who were trying to find and rescue him. I do not believe that he was mentally unstable. I think what he did was treasonous and planned out. He gave active intel to the enemy that contributed to getting our warriors killed. While I’m sure the Taliban and ISIS view Obama as weak and pathetic, I just don’t trust one word that comes out of Bowe Bergdahl’s mouth. His whole interview is made to make himself seem like a victim and he’s now told so many lies, I think he is beginning to believe them. I doubt Obama is gay or swings both ways. He is many things, so who knows? Surely that statement is calculated as it would be seen as a slur against Obama. It’s funny… when Bergdahl first got captured, he claimed they didn’t speak any English. Evidently they spoke just enough to ask him if Obama was gay. Very interesting.


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