When it comes to the preservation of liberty two wrongs do equal one right


Republicans were elected late last year to provide a much needed check and balance on the Executive branch which is clearly operating outside the confines of the Constitution. The Obama Administration is the most evil, sadistic, power hungry regime America has ever been unfortunately subjected too.

I recently have called for this President, this furor, and this evil dictator, to be charged with treason. Forget impeachment folks we are way beyond that. He has ignored the will of the voters, the will of Congress, and even the will of Judges that have ruled against his illegal activities.

Why has he been able to do this? How has he been able to operate in this capacity?

Well for one, our weak kneed Republicans in Washington refuse to stand up to him and actually have created the environment for which this usurper has been allowed to operate. The second reason is this President’s unprecedented use of executive orders. He made a promise to his radical left wing puppeteers and supporters that he would “fundamentally transform” this country and he is doing a damn good job of it.

If another Republican President, by some miracle was ever elected again how will they be able to undue all the damage that this rogue dictator has done? This is a question that many historians, scholars, and financial experts are wondering.

In our current political landscape we have a two party system that basically operates as a one party system. That is why I coined the phrase “The Globalcratic Party of Washington.” So the question remains that even if a Conservative Republican Candidate should win the White House in 2016 how than can they affect the type of change needed to save the Republic?

Even in a best case scenario where Republicans still hold the House and manage to hold the Senate how will a Conservative President get his agenda to pass?

The answer is he won’t and he can’t. The only way he will be able to implement not only his campaign promises but more importantly be able to enact them is through the use of Executive orders. That’s right, we are now an executive order ruled and controlled governing body.

I thought about this and initially I was thinking that the next President should set an example not to use his power of the executive privilege to exact change. I thought maybe the next President should be “above the fray” and refrain from those temptations. However, after surveying the damage and destruction that Barack Obama has done my thoughts are now quite the opposite.

I want to see “the fundamental transformation” back to what once resembled a proud republic.

I want the next President to use the power of the executive branch to repeal each and every single one of our Jihadist in Chief’s executive orders. I want the next President to than use their executive authority to close the Federal Reserve, Repeal the 16th Amendment, and enact term limits on Congressman, Senators, and Judges. I want the next President to close as many government agencies as possible through the use of executive orders. I want the next President to repeal Obamacare, repeal Amnesty, Change the tax code, save social security, eliminate the IRS, abolish the death tax, ban earmarks, secure the borders, balance the budget, and any other thing needed to restore liberty and fiscal sanity.

It would be nice to work with Congress to get all of these things done and more but the reality of the situation is in order to get this type of wholesale change implemented it more than likely can’t be done through Congress.

Let’s see how the Left likes it when the country is flourishing despite their best efforts to destroy it. Let’s see how the left likes it when we shut down all their bloated, over budgeted agencies that are as useless as tits on a boar. Let’s see them scream at the top of their lungs when we remove their radical leftist judges from the bench.

If we don’t win in 2016 all of what I described will happen to us except in the reverse. We will see our rights eroded more and more and we will fall even farther into a demoralized and depressed dictatorship. It is so important that we elect a true Conservative in 2016; one that we can trust with a phone and a pen.

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