Prankster Convinces Two Gullible Employees to Trash Their Own Convenience Store

Prankster Convinces Two Gullible Employees to Trash Their Own Convenience Store

This would almost be funny if it wasn’t so darn pathetic. Two Circle K employees were convinced to throw fire extinguishers through the building’s windows by a man who claimed to be with the company’s corporate security team. Apparently their common sense had gone out the window long before the extinguishers.


From The Daily Mail:

Gullible workers were tricked into trashing their own convenience store by a prank caller posing as their corporate bosses.

Two employees at a roadside Circle K store in Globe, Arizona, let off fire extinguishers inside the store, smashed up a computer and threw extinguishers through store windows at the unknown caller’s behest.

He apparently convinced the pair to destroy their workplace, while customers were inside, by claiming he was calling from Circle K’s corporate security department.

They followed the commands because they were told it was the only way to shut off a silent fire alarm, police said.

After smashing the computer, the two realized something was amiss, and stopped their rampage, local news station Fox10 Phoenix reported.

By this time the outlet, which doubles as a gas station, was left so battered it was forced to close. Only one window was left intact.

The store was open the day after the Wednesday evening call, after the windows had been boarded up.

What part of you doesn’t question such a ridiculous request? Sure, the guy pulling the prank is a jerk, but if you just blindly follow orders like that, you are as much at fault as they are.

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