Did You Know YOU Might Be a Genius If THIS Poor Habit Drives You Insane?

Did You Know YOU Might Be a Genius If THIS Poor Habit Drives You Insane?

There are certain sounds that invariably drive people crazy — they just can’t stand hearing them. And evidently, for creative geniuses, that sound is the sound of people chewing.

plugging ears

If the sounds of someone slurping or chewing make you want to rip off your own skin, you may be one of the 20% of people who have a condition called misophonia, or in regular-people words, a heightened sensitivity to certain noises. While this condition may ruin your destination wedding at the soup factory, a new study provides you with something to brag about. (Besides your weirdo soup wedding.)

Researchers from Northwestern University found that those who are hypersensitive to certain sounds tend to be more creative than people who aren’t. So, the more rage you feel at your coworker’s bubble gum, the more of a genius you probably are. Why are you even still working there?
Creative geniuses have it rough, which is why they often end up going mental (I’m looking at you, Van Gogh).

Now how many people will be lining up to say that they hate that sound and are therefore a genius? Of course, as long as geniuses have to live in the real world with all of us little people, they’re just going to have to suck it up and deal with annoying sounds, just like everyone else.

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