Man Lures Six Young Children Into His House While They are Trick-or-Treating THEN THIS Happens!

Man Lures Six Young Children Into His House While They are Trick-or-Treating THEN THIS Happens!

The YouTube star famous for setting up cruel experiments to terrify kids with as a pseudo-punishment for not being suitably terrified of strangers has struck again. This time, his target is trick-or-treating kids.

coby persin

YouTube star Coby Persin, 21, attempted to warn parents of the perils of letting unaccompanied children visit strangers’ homes on October 31 by trapping trick-or-treaters in his house in an alarming new video.

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‘I set up a house and had parents tell their children they can go early trick-or-treating this year. This is what happened,’ shares New York-based Coby at the start of the clip.

Three children – two boys and a girl – are dropped off outside Coby’s house by their mothers, and are seen knocking on his door and yelling ‘trick-or-treat!’ before he ushers them inside, saying: ‘I’m gonna go get the candy downstairs, but just come in real quick.’

The kids dutifully obey, and stand in the foyer before Coby shuts the door behind him and says: ‘Actually, you’re staying here. There’s no candy for tonight.’

‘Wait, what do you mean “no candy”?’ asks the tallest boy, who appears alarmed at Coby’s mannerisms and stern speech.

‘Imagine how scary this is? Look what’s about to happen,’ the YouTube star tells the kids before their horrified mothers enter the house and lecture them for ever agreeing to go inside.

‘What were you thinking? What if we didn’t come for you?’ asks one of the moms as she sternly lectures the kids.

‘You just come into this house? You don’t even know these people. Do you know how dangerous this is? Do you have any idea what you’ve just done?’ she asks them before bursting into tears.

‘You could have gotten yourselves killed. This is how kids go missing everywhere!’ she tells the children while the younger boy is seen wiping tears from his face.

‘We tested you and you failed the test,’ the other mother tells her son.

This kind of crap is exactly why helicopter parenting is on the rise: because parents are being scared to death over situations like this that, in actuality, almost never happen. Most child abductions, assaults, and murders are not committed by strangers, but rather, someone that the child knows and trusts — so if Persin really wants to cut down on dangerous childhood situations, he should stage a video about how kids need to be careful around Creepy Uncle Joe. But of course, helping to spread an environment of fear and paranoia is just so much more attention-getting, even if it does lead to more helicopter parenting and a complete loss of an actual childhood for children everywhere.

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