JUST IN: Illegal Aliens Just CRASHED Nancy Pelosi’s DACA Press Conference! [VIDEO]

JUST IN: Illegal Aliens Just CRASHED Nancy Pelosi’s DACA Press Conference! [VIDEO]

“It’s clear you don’t want any answers.” Despite the fact that Trump ran on building the wall and deporting all of the illegal aliens in the country, he has decided to cut a deal with Democrats to allow those affected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (Obama’s executive order) to stay in the country. By the way, those “childhood arrivals” are as old as 36 years-old now.

One of the Dems that Trump made an agreement with was Nancy Pelosi, who I can only assume was all too happy to put her name on that deal. Well, it turns out that not all Democrat-leaning people are in favor of this particular bit of bipartisanship.

Ironically enough, illegal aliens not covered by DACA are enraged. So much so that they crashed a press conference being held by Pelosi to demand full Amnesty for everyone in the country illegally.

Members of the “Immigration Liberation Movement” stormed into the meeting and shouted Pelosi down as she desperately attempted to maintain control.

Many of them held signs emblazoned with the words, “Fight 4 All 11 Million,” which undoubtedly refers to the estimated (and extremely low-balled) number of illegal aliens in the United States. They want blanket Amnesty and nothing less, and they’re making these demands of Democrats who are discussing DACA with Trump.

They decided to “mic check” Pelosi and delivered a significant reality check that proves her hypocrisy as well as the fact that she does nothing more than pay lip-service to the illegal immigrant community.

“We remember all too well how for eight years the Democrats laid siege to our communities, raiding and deporting nearly three million people, of our family members and loved ones,” they said. “Where was your resistance then? Ms. Pelosi, did you think we would forget? We send a clear message to our fellow undocumented youth and community: We are the resistance to Trump! Not the Democrats!”

They shouted slogans like “Brown power” and “Trans Lives Matter” in an attempt to show intersectionality of their liberal movement.

“You met with Trump, and you call that resistance?” they shouted, demanding answers.

She did respond to them in a frustrated way, saying, “[I]t’s clear you don’t want any answers.” We all know that’s true. They’re just trying to get attention from the media and aren’t actually interested in anything less than being given everything they want. They’re like children who have learned that stamping their feet gets them a handful of candy.

And that’s on the Democrats.

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