Seattle Seahawks Player Celebrates Sack With ‘Black Power’ Salute During Game

Seattle Seahawks Player Celebrates Sack With ‘Black Power’ Salute During Game

You would think that football players would learn from Kaepernick’s tragic story and stop making controversial political statements on the field. (Or off, really.) The fact that they haven’t, means we have to continue to teach them their lesson until they stop alienating their audience.

This time, Seattle Seahawks player Michael Bennett celebrated a sack with the “black power” salute on the field. The NFL isn’t going to like what fans are going to do in response to this act.

All Black Media posted the photo on Twitter with the caption pointing out the symbolism of the motion.

This isn’t the first time Bennett has made controversial claims/statements while employed by the NFL. In late August, he accused police officers of racially profiling him and using excessive force against him while he was in Las Vegas for the Maywhether/McGregor fight. The officers had a different story, accusing him of hiding behind a gaming machine at Drai’s Nightclub after they had received a call about a possible active shooter in the area. After spotting Bennett, police claim that he beat a path toward the south exit doors, jumping over a fence to escape and running into traffic.

His suspicious behavior was why he was arrested, not the color of his skin. Hard to convince a person who sees racial motivation in the weather of something so simple, but that’s the way it goes in 2017 America.

The National Football League is facing waning support and ratings, and the last thing they need is for their players to continue to alienate viewers from their franchise. They are either going to need to take stiffer actions against people for engaging in this kind of behavior, or they are going to resign themselves to their fate. It’s an unfortunate reality of living in a heterogeneous society that contains so many different beliefs and ideals.

If your job is largely about entertainment, be you an athlete, an actor, an artist, a singer, etc., you desperately want to avoid any polarizing subjects so as to maintain as large a base as possible. People of all lifestyles tune into your art in order to get away from the political world, which seems to have swallowed our lives whole. The last thing they need is to be preached to while trying to enjoy their life and relax. Now of course nobody has to listen to me and I’m sure that a lot of people would be willing to go out of their way to ignore my advice, but it’s simply bad practice to turn away people who are giving you money because you have staunch political and social beliefs.

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