Newsweek writer has harsh criticism of Obamacare replacement, sends nasty message to GOP

Newsweek writer has harsh criticism of Obamacare replacement, sends nasty message to GOP

Regardless of how strongly you feel about the American Healthcare Act and its effective replacement of Obamacare, I think we can all agree that it’s wholly inappropriate for anyone to wish death on their political opponents.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what Kurt Eichenwald, senior Newsweek writer, said about Republicans who passed the AHCA. There needs to be serious ramifications for this.

(Reuters / Eric Thayer)

Eichenwald posted a series of hateful messages on Twitter, which were later deleted.

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He is truly encompassing what it means to be “tolerant” and “compassionate,” isn’t he?

When asked to provide a statement regarding his tirade, Eichenwald provided the following explanation, courtesy of The Daily Caller. It reads, in part:

On the record, and print my entire statement or I will tweet out that you refused: what my very clear point was, under trumpcare, if I lose my job, i am uninsurable, and I die. That is not a maybe or a could be – I die. My wife is a doctor and has patients with chronic diseases who will be uninsurable under trumpcare. Then you have a bunch of GOPrs drinking beer and cheering themselves that they put all of the lives of people like me at risk, and smug little propagandists like you who know nothing about medical economics falling on the fainting couch because people whose lives are now at risk tweet mean things. People vote for things they don’t understand and barf up false sound bytes to dismiss the real fears of death people like me now face, then propagandists subsumed by smug ignorance repeat false talking points rather than reading a book or studying the academic analyses. They say stupid things like “get treatment at an ER” as if ERs provide chemo or provide long term treatment for people with cystic fibrosis or hand out the kinds of medicine I need to live. They don’t.

You can read his full explanation here.

Shockingly, I don’t find that to be much better than wishing that Republicans would have family members die as a result of this legislation.

What do you think should happen to Kurt?

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