California Prepares Bill to Prevent Exposure of Planned Parenthood Atrocities

California Prepares Bill to Prevent Exposure of Planned Parenthood Atrocities

Those who acquire money to spend on Lamborghinis by aborting children and selling their body parts can rest easy. Undercover journalists will not be exposing their crimes against humanity to an outraged public in the future — at least not in California:

The California legislature is near final approval of a bill that would make it a crime, punishable by a jail sentence, to carry out and distribute undercover video or audio stings against Planned Parenthood and other health-care groups.

The measure was inspired by two California antiabortion activists who made undercover videos of themselves trying to buy fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood. The project prompted multiple investigations by Congress and states.

The result of the investigations: the makers of the video were charged in Texas for using fake IDs, although charges were eventually dropped.

Planned Parenthood skated. The government shovels $500,000,000.00 per year of our money to subsidize the highly profitable abortion mill/human body parts enterprise. Did anyone think that same government would bring it to justice?

David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of Center for Medical Progress were lucky to escape prison for shining a light on Planned Parenthood. The California bill is explicitly designed to ensure that does not happen again.

PP’s Mary Gatter quoted while trying to sell baby parts.

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