Now the burka is being banned… by ISIS! Terror group outlaws the burka because of SECURITY RISK

Now the burka is being banned… by ISIS! Terror group outlaws the burka because of SECURITY RISK

I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in quite a long time, but boy howdy is this hilarious.

I mean, when France does it, it’s racist and Islamophobic, but now that ISIS is doing it because they don’t want someone smuggling guns or explosives into THEIR land, there’s not a peep to be heard from the left.

Ah, the irony.


Before, ISIS was very serious about their enforcement of burkas, demanding that all women be covered from head-to-toe in black cloth. They even killed women who did not comply with their “laws,” which were very strictly enforced by the “morality police.”

Now, they realize what the rest of the western world has been saying, which is that burkas open them up to having a lot of dangerous materials sneak into their area undetected.

Because of this, many women in Syria have celebrated their “freedom” by burning their mandatory burkas.


Of course, these women still aren’t totally free, because they’re under the thumb of one of the most brutal jihadist groups the world has ever seen, but they’re taking this as a small victory.

It should also be noted that the only women who were ordered to not wear burkas were those living in “security centers.” The rest of the women are still being forced to don the oppressive garment.

Compare this to the banning of the “burkini” by France, which has garnered hate from all over the world including the United States. The New York Times called the ban “unacceptable,” and the article was quickly slammed by the Prime Minister of France for giving a false portrayal of the country and its attitude toward Muslims.

One French court actually overturned this ban, but French mayors are refusing to acknowledge the ruling, determined to continue enforcing a law that may keep French people safe.

I doubt that we will hear anything about this from liberals, progressives and feminists who jumped at the opportunity to scream at Western countries for their behaviors.

It’s more likely that if they do speak up, they will say something to the effect of “well it’s their land and their religion so they get to decide what is happening,” completely ignoring the oppressive nature of the garment, and how it is ISIS (men) mandating the outfit. They refuse to tackle the actual issue and instead cherry-pick what they are upset about, which almost solely includes the actions of cis-gendered white males.


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