Desperate Mom Calls Police to Save Teen Daughter, Then Walks in the Room and Finds Officer With Her Child

Desperate Mom Calls Police to Save Teen Daughter, Then Walks in the Room and Finds Officer With Her Child

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare, finding a suicide note written by their child. Fortunately for this mother, after calling the police, an officer found her daughter, and he did something incredible.


When a North Carolina mother found a suicide note written by her autistic teen daughter, who has a history of being sexually abused, she dialed the Charlotte police, hoping with all her might that they would take her concerns seriously and not just dismiss her daughter as a troublemaker.

Lucky for her, the police assigned Officer Kenneth Perry to her case, and he took it very seriously. In fact, Perry even went searching for the woman’s daughter and not only found her, but also convinced her to follow him to the local emergency room.

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It’s at the ER that the mother later found them together, side by side, chatting it up with smiles on their faces.

But the story gets even better. According to a letter the mother wrote to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department that the department then posted to its Facebook page, Perry later stopped by just to check on the woman’s daughter.

“He wanted to know if she had pulled through her desperate patch,” she wrote. “My husband said he was relieved to know she had gotten the help she needed, was no longer wanting to hurt herself, and had even gotten a job that she enjoyed and builds her confidence.”

… “With all the ridiculous accusations of police hostility toward people of color, I found it interesting that CMPD dropped everything to save the life of one very precious African American/Zuni Indian teen with special needs,” she continued.

It’s no surprise that a police officer would go so far to save a life — after all, that’s part of their job, and the vast majority of people who find themselves drawn to police work are the type of people who deeply value life and want to protect it. It’s unfortunate that it so often goes unappreciated.

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