Rutgers student pleads guilty to ThoughtCrime

So now our state is prosecuting ThoughtCrime. Under penalty of incarceration Rutgers student Molly Wei will enter a re-education camp for indoctrination into “alternate lifestyles.” The State will wash away all of her improper thoughts. No doubt she will emerge a good little automaton eager to do the bidding of her INGSOC masters.

And boy oh boy do they have plans for her. Ms. Wei will ensure that another Rutgers student, Dharun Ravi, is locked up for all eternity. The verdict has already been pre-determined, because his “victim” is Tyler Joe Clementi McAllister, yet another Rutgers student, and a closeted homosexual who committed suicide by jumping off the Tallahatchee George Washington Bridge.

Will she tell the truth? Or merely recite whatever The State tells her to say?

Who cares! Truth is what The State decides is Truth! And when it comes to homosexuality, Truth is subservient to Ideology. And, Ideology says anyone who is appalled by homosexual behavior is guilty of ThoughtCrime.

The facts are this. Wei and Ravi hooked up a webcam to watch Clementi and an unidentified man “make out” (Ravi was Clementi’s roommate). That’s it. They spied on two dudes playing tonsil hockey. They may, or may not, have told a few friends about what they saw. And they allegedly planned to spy on Clementi and Mystery Man again at some indeterminate time in the future.

Several days later Clementi, who incidentally never openly admitted that he had homosexual tendencies, left a cryptic suicide note and jumped to his death.

In the ensuing brouhaha Wei and Ravi were identified as Public Enemy #1, mostly because they refused to express unwavering approval for Clementi’s homosexual dalliance. Mr. Ravi was indicted on fifteen counts of bias intimidation because he purportedly harbored anti-gay sentiments while spying on his roommate. Like I said, ThoughtCrime.

Prosecutors pounced on Wei and Ravi. They have now successfully browbeaten the diminutive Ms. Wei into submission. In exchange for her agreement to enter pre-trial intervention and “complete counseling for understanding alternate life styles” they will drop all charges against her. Oh, and she has to testify against Mr. Ravi.

I’m sure the “counseling” Ms. Wei undergoes won’t in any way prepare her for the witness stand. Snicker.

Well, certainly not overtly anyhow.

The whole thing stinks. Clementi was 19 at the time of his death. An adult. Does he not bear some responsibility for his actions? Recall the suicide of Missouri teen Megan Meier at the age of 13. A classmates’ mother created a fake MySpace profile to torment the young girl. She hung herself after reading a posting from the fake profile which said the world would be better off without her. The author of the fake profile was 49 year old Lori Drew, who used it to send a whole host of other vindictive and cruel missives to the teen before her death.

Lori Drew was never convicted of a crime.

Of course, Megan Meier wasn’t a lesbian either.

One could arguably say that the “cyberbullying” against Megan Meier directly contributed to her death. She didn’t wait 3 days. She didn’t wait 3 hours. Megan Meier was dead 20 minutes after Lori Drew’s (alleged, to avoid legal trouble I have to say “alleged”) final MySpace posting.

Prosecutors admit they do not know what motivated Tyler Clementi to kill himself. But homosexual rights dogma leaves them no choice but to find someone on whom to affix blame. All that matters is that Clementi was gay, and there was someone, somewhere who might have harbored anti-gay thoughts.

Dharun Ravi fits the bill. It doesn’t help that he’s a Grade A jerk. But I always thought that being a jerk wasn’t a crime in this country. Which would almost certainly still be true if Tyler Clementi had been caught on Candid Camera making out with a hot cheerleader instead of an unnamed gay lover.

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