In about a week and a half, Our First Holy Divine Man-God-Boy-King President has acquired and released a form of identification, and then claimed credit for dispatching the most wanted man in the entire world. His is a unique case in which these achievements are roughly equivalent.

I’m ready to take a new approach on this, since I’m still trying to process and organize my reactions. People are still bitching about my posts being too long. So — let’s just list the reactions and call it good. One per line and then bail out.

It occurs to me that the result would be just as worthy an artifact to seal up in a time capsule, for the edification of my grandchildren, as any other. So. Without further ado.

1. Chuckling at the talking heads on the news getting “Obama” all mixed up with “Osama.”
2. Marveling at the consistency with which conservatives place the interests of country over party.
3. Wondering if liberals would handle it the same way if Osama bit the mat during the previous administration.
4. No, not really.
5. Thankful for the fighting men in our Navy SEAL units, and in all our military, and the gals too.
6. Still can’t believe Obama is so inept at PR, that victory over bin Laden has turned into a net loss for Him.
7. Absolutely sickened by the decision not to release photos, and genuinely so, not putting on an act.
8. Trying to think of the last good thing I ever learned about this President, that I was allowed to verify for myself.
9. Taking note, again and again and again, of a three-stanza-anthem that has emerged among Obama’s supporters:
 • a. Why should He release anything He doesn’t have to prove anything and He doesn’t owe anybody anything;
 • b. Place all your faith in these (nameless) wise sages who surround The Obama, because that’s what I’m doing;
 • c. Feck off you’re unworthy and should be banished from our super-perfect Obamatopia.
10. Wondering how this affects the domestic issues in the long run.
11. Hoping desperately that the White House has already run into that gut-wrenching “we’ve overplayed our hand” feeling.
12. In a state of dread over what wretched ideas we’re going to see, should that not be the case.
13. In a state of abject bewilderment that such smart people can make the same mistakes over and over again.
14. Isn’t this the equivalent of “parallel parking by Braille”?
15. Gloating that the “birther” movement seems to have declined by half, or more.
16. Noting that this is precisely what we were told, with such condescending certainty, would not happen.
17. Waiting for the apology that I know will not come.
18. Looking forward to many years coming & going without my having to hear “it wouldn’t convince anybody anyway…”
19. Knowing that isn’t going to happen either.
20. Wondering what kind of people would toss out the “wouldn’t convince anyone” bromide without feeling deep shame.
21. Not looking forward to coming into contact with such people.
22. Still walking on air because Osama bin Laden’s dead.
23. Befuddled about the Too Civilized and Evolved to See Any Good Here crowd.
24. Have no idea what in the world is driving them.
25. No wait, now that I think on it, the problem is I have way too many ideas about what is, or might be, driving them.
26. None of these ideas say anything good about them for being the way they are.
27. Or about the rest of us, for putting up with them.
28. Wondering what act of revenge Al Qaeda will try to launch over here.
29. No, not really.
30. But cautious vigilance is always a good thing…to whatever extent it’s my place to exercise it.
31. Wondering where premium gas is going to be by Memorial Day weekend.
32. Hoping everybody looking for work, that is ready willing & able to accept a job offer, gets one.
33. Wondering how that would work for them, if these jackasses didn’t show up talking the economy down every day.
34. Wishing a case of worms on them. Seriously, if you don’t know things will get better, just say you don’t know.
35. Trying to figure out why, if President Awesome is so Awesome, it costs a billion dollars to re-elect Him.

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