School Desks Denounced for Discriminating

School Desks Denounced for Discriminating

The reason we need totalitarian liberalism whereby politically correct social engineers can control every conceivable aspect of existence is that discrimination is everywhere. Even desks discriminate:

The executive director of a research institute at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte (UNCC) recently argued that small desks cause a “hostile physical environment” to fat students.

Heather Brown, who heads the Women and Girls Research Alliance at UNCC, published an article in the new issue of the Fat Studies journal titled “There’s always stomach on the table and I gotta write! Physical space and learning in fat college women.”

Yes, there really is an academic journal entitled Fat Studies. Moonbattery has had the same effect on scholarship that it has had on everything else.

Cultural Marxism requires its proponents to constantly seek out and agitate new outlier groups to play off against the core population. People who are overweight can now join blacks, Muslims, sexual deviants, et cetera.

Kari, one student that Brown interviewed, lamented that she felt “self-conscious” in classes because of the size of the desks, saying, “I can’t help thinking about it, and then it would turn into, like, ‘Maybe if I lose ten pounds then I wouldn’t look so fat in this desk…’”

Also, if she loses 10 pounds, Kari might live a longer, healthier life. But if progressives cared about people living longer, healthier lives, they wouldn’t promote homosexuality.

Key to liberalism is the absolution of individuals of responsibility for their success or failure:

Kari told Brown that she was too distracted in her classes to focus.

Students who focus in class are beneficiaries of thin privilege. Maybe they ought to be punished so as to level the playing field.

Brown — who, as you might have guessed, looks like she would benefit from some diet and exercise — confirms that “weight stigma is a key barrier in learning,” and demands that classrooms be refurnished with “differently sized chairs and tables.”

But Brown warns that colleges must be careful during renovations, because they could inadvertently make the situation worse, such as by implementing a “fat chair” or just a few seating options for fat students, since this could “further damage” fat students’ self-esteem.

In utopia, all desks will be so oversized that only Michael Moore will find them comfortable. Thus will equity be achieved.

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