JUST IN: Al Franken Sex Accusations Rock Washington, DC

JUST IN: Al Franken Sex Accusations Rock Washington, DC

Oh no, how is CNN going to spin THIS?

Leeann Tweeden, a former Playboy model-turned-radio host has just published the story of what happened between her and Senator Al Franken in December of 2006, when she was on her 9th USO Tour where she enjoyed entertaining the troops. At the time, this was her 8th USO tour to the Middle East since September 11th.

In her statement, Leeann wrote that her father had served in Vietnam and her boyfriend at the time (to whom she is now married) was a pilot in the Air Force, so she described what she did as “bringing a little piece of home” to service members and said it was her “passion and privilege.”

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On the trip she describes, she said that she was also with some cheerleaders from the Dallas Cowboys as well as a few country music artists. Their headliner? Al Franken.

At the time of the incident, Alan Stuart Franken was working as a comedian with experience on Saturday Night Live and in 2008 would go on to beat an incumbent Republican to become a Democratic Senator for New York in 2008. He is currently 66 years-old and has been married to his wife Franni since 1975, with whom he has two children.

Franken, the headlining comedian, is shown in this photo allegedly groping a sleeping Leeann Tweeden during that tour:

Leeann said in her statement, delivered on her Los Angeles radio station, that he had “written some skits for the show” and like many USO shows, it was full of sexual innuendo “geared toward a young, male audience.” Leeann said that she was only expecting to emcee and host the show, but Franken told her that no, there was a part in the show for her, too. When the script called for them to kiss, Leeann figured she would dodge his kiss on stage in order to get a laugh from the audience.

But Franken insisted on rehearsing the kiss, where she just laughed it off and ignored him, saying that this isn’t SNL and they don’t need to rehearse a kiss. When she finally relented, he grabbed her by the back of her head and “mashed his lips” against hers, sticking his tongue into her mouth. She immediately pushed him away and warned him against every trying that again.

“I walked away. All I could think about was getting to a bathroom as fast as possible to rinse the taste of him out of my mouth.

I felt disgusted and violated.”

On stage, she went through with her plan to dodge his kiss and she didn’t tell anyone about what had happened back stage because she didn’t want to “cause trouble” because they were already “in the middle of a war zone.”

She says that the above photo was given to her by a photographer on a CD, but she didn’t look through them until she was back in the States.

She told Chris, her now-husband, and showed him the photo.

And now, she has finally told her story on the radio station where she works as a host and has released the above photo to the world. You can listen to her speech here:

Our own Leeann Tweeden has decided it's time to tell her #MeToo story.

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