Inside the Sex Robot Showroom, Where Customers Can TEST DRIVE Love Dolls [VIDEO]

Inside the Sex Robot Showroom, Where Customers Can TEST DRIVE Love Dolls [VIDEO]

Just don’t tell your girlfriend where you were at all day… hahaha.

If it’s reasonable to talk about how Democrats like Al Franken conduct themselves with women, there shouldn’t be any issue with using Right Wing News to talk about how loners conduct themselves with dolls.

In Vienna, Austria, you can now visit a sex doll showroom and even try out the wares on sale. The store is called “Companion” and is the very first one of its kind, showing off exclusively the most realistic sex dolls in the world.

The robots are all laid out wearing very few clothes and include the “Real Dolls” produced in California, which are marketed as replacements for real-life, living, breathing companionship. Men (of course it’s all men) attending the store can “test the quality” of the dolls and feel them up all over.

At the start of the summer, I wrote up the new trend of sex robots (after which I took a long walk in the park to clear my head of thoughts of the apocalypse) because a think tank in the Netherlands had released a report entitled¬†Our Sexual Future with Robots. That’s all one report, not “Our Sexual Future,” also there are robots in the report. The sex-tech market is estimated to be worth at least $30 billion and there have been repeated calls for more research into the “relationships” that humans can have with machines.

At the store, there are options for dolls, including over 40 different faces, nine different body types and sizes, different kinds of eyes and four different skin colors. As well, there are numerous options for hair, fingernails and makeup for a client who wants the doll to be made to look exactly as they desire.

Male dolls are less popular, but are still available and the dolls are made of what they’re calling “platinum silicone,” which is a metal skeleton modeled after a human’s skeleton. Models range between about $3,000 American to $15,000. When you purchase one, the doll is delivered to you wearing “suitable clothing” and you are expected to go on a shopping spree to dress your doll up the way you want.

Anyway, here’s what we’ve all been waiting for, the short video of the sex robot owners showing off their wares and their intimate relationship with the doll Samantha:

If you’re having trouble with the above video, check this short, VERY not safe for work video touring the Real Doll factory where many of these “ladies” are made.

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