Whacky Law Sparks Epidemic of Rape Allegations at UC Berkeley

The epidemic of homicidal racist cops isn’t the only imaginary crisis to beset America. There is also the epidemic of campus rapes. Rolling Stone’s ballyhooed case at University of Virginia turned out to be a hoax, but in the aftermath of California’s insane Yes Means Yes law, there are plenty of instances on the Left Coast that haven’t been disproven yet. Zombie has the rundown:

Just days after a new California law redefining rape came into effect, several shocking but unsubstantiated rape allegations have been leveled against fraternities on the UC Berkeley campus.

One stunning university police report cites accusations of a mass rape at the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, where not just one but five victims were supposedly drugged and raped on the same night at the frat house near campus.

In another allegation, a specific perpetrator was named, arrested, and shamed publicly — only to be later declared “factually innocent” as the rape charge was quietly dropped, after his reputation was ruined.

Suspiciously, in most of the cases the charges were not made by victims or witnesses, but rather by third parties long after the fact. These third-party accusations were made either anonymously or by “Campus Security Authorities,” which includes campus political activist groups. In many of the cases, the actual “victims” themselves have not come forward and may not even consider themselves to have been raped.

And even more suspiciously, almost none of the supposed crimes were reported directly to Berkeley’s municipal police force, whose jurisdiction covers campus as well, but instead only to the university police, who are required by recent regulations to log and publicize each accusation.

In not a single case have any of the charges been substantiated, nor have any suspects been identified or arrested (aside from the one case noted above where the charge was subsequently dropped).

There had been no reports of sexual assault at Berkeley fraternities all year prior to September 28, when this happened:

“Yes Means Yes” law comes into effect in California, which stipulates that all rape allegations at college campuses statewide be accepted without question, placing the burden on the accused rapist to prove his innocence. It also redefines rape to include any sexual contact that occurs when one participant is intoxicated, or when one participant silently assents to sex without affirmatively declaring “Yes” beforehand and during the act.

That’s when fraternity members suddenly went hog wild and started raping every female in sight. An alternative explanation is that most if not all of these allegations are fake.

The objective apparently is to inflate rape statistics, so that feminazi activists can shriek alarming numbers while pressing for still more demented legislation intended to punish men for being men, which Governor Moonbeam will eagerly sign.

California has degenerated into a soft tyranny version of France’s Reign of Terror. The rest of the country is a half-step behind.

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