Eric Garner Case Doesn’t Support Liberal Narrative Any More Than Ferguson

The narrative created by the liberal media to distract us from the predictable but alarming degeneration of Obama’s presidency is that there is an epidemic of police murdering blacks out of pure racism. The first chapter in this work of fiction was a farce; now that key evidence heard by the grand jury has become public, no reasonable person could hold that undue force was used to subdue the raging maniac Michael Brown. The second chapter may actually feature an example of excessive force. But as far as supporting the official narrative of violent racist cops, it too has been revealed as absurd:

[W]e have once again seen the Media-Democrat-Activist complex explode about “RACISM” after a Grand Jury refused to indict NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo for choking out Eric Garner, who later died from heart complications.

As with Ferguson, dozens of media pundits weighed in on race. President Obama declared the justice system “unequal,” and Attorney General Eric Holder pounced on the case as one motivated by race and worthy of “civil rights” prosecution.

New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio even declared that “hundreds of years of racism have led to this,” and angrily told how he instructed his own Black son to “act differently around police”. …

There’s only one problem with this racial narrative: it is utterly destroyed by a key piece of information that the Grand Jury knew — but the media would not reveal.

Now the cat is now out of the bag:

Pantaleo who applied the lethal chokehold on Eric Garner was supervised by an African-American female NYPD sergeant.

Having that black sergeant in charge of that crime scene takes race out of the equation. As awful as Pantaleo’s actions appear on that video, at no time does that black sergeant order Pantaleo to stop choking Garner.

Not that the media didn’t try to keep this highly salient piece of information from us:

The Black female police sergeant who was in charge of the arrest is not shown in the countless TV replays in the media of cellphone footage that showed White male police officers confronting and taking down Garner but she is said to be seen in the original video.

The leftist liars running the news media are deliberately attempting to tear the country apart along racial lines in a last-ditch effort to distract us from the cataclysmic failure of Obama’s presidency.

Even now, community organizer types are pushing the race narrative in defiance of factual reality:

A “chant sheet” handed out by the “Progressive Labor Party (PLP),” a communist organization based in the United States that seeks to “destroy capitalism and the dictatorship of the capitalist class” according to their website, doubles down with their fake race narrative in the case of Eric Garner.

Despite being based on proven deception, the campaign is working. Most of us are talking about mythical racist cops, when we should be talking about the disastrous consequences of Obama’s amnesty decree for unemployment and for our future as a constitutional republic.

Supervised by a black woman.

On tips from Jester, G. Fox, and Bill T. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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