Yet Another Reason to Avoid Chipotle: Contaminated Food

What an excellent subheadline:


Chipotle dishes now come with a side order of Escherichia coli.

The food is touted as “unprocessed, free of antibiotics and GMOs, sometimes organic, sometimes local.” Nearly 500 people have gotten sick from eating it since July; some have required hospitalization.

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This is not likely to help sales. Demonizing “industrial agriculture” and shouting the “food with integrity” company motto are not likely to help.

At least they can stop fretting about there being no guacamole due to the nonexistent global warming crisis. Chipotle should be bankrupt by then — unless maybe they can save the company by giving away the food for free. At least that might bring back customers, and it would be consistent with the company’s loudly stated ideology:

Chipotle’s commie creed.

Eat safe; go to Qdoba instead. They offer a better selection without rubbing political correctness in your face.

On tips from Maudie and JusttheTipHQ. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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