WSJ’s Bret Stephens Declares War Against Conservatives on Behalf of the GOPe

How do people like Ryan, McConnell, et al. get in a position to betray the conservatives they supposedly represent again and again like Lucy yanking the football away as Charlie Brown goes to kick it? The GOP establishment (GOPe) puts them there. The GOPe is vociferously hostile to conservative principles and anyone it considers likely to uphold them. You might want to get a rabies shot before getting too close as you listen to what the virulently moderate Bret Stephens has to snarl about conservatives.

Sarcastically pretending to speak for countermoonbats, Stephens proposes that we look for candidates who share our objectives because we secretly want to lose elections out of sheer neurosis.

Maybe secretly, maybe unconsciously, but desperately. We want four—and probably eight—more years of cable-news neuralgia. We want to drive ourselves to work as Mark Levin or Laura Ingraham scratch our ideological itches until they bleed a little. We want the refiner’s fire that is our righteous indignation at a country we claim no longer to recognize—ruled by impostors and overrun by foreigners.

Stephens demands the GOP run yet another RINO. What if anything did he learn from the 2012 debacle? That designated loser Mitt Romney wasn’t left-wing enough to out–left-wing the Democrats:

If the lesson of Mitt Romney’s predictable loss in 2012 was that it’s bad politics to tell America’s fastest-growing ethnic group that some of their relatives should self-deport, or to castigate 47% of the country as a bunch of moochers—well, so what?

If only Romney had tailored his campaign to appease illegal aliens and welfare recipients, the conservative base sitting home in disgust would have been superfluous.

Stephens names the Republicans he admires: George Will, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, and Marco Rubio. Being listed on this dishonor roll should sink Rubio’s campaign down to Jeb! levels.

Typically of liberals taking potshots, he dismisses Trump as a bigot, even going so far as to accuse him of not liking “astute Jewish negotiators” — despite Trump having surrounded himself with Jews. Ted Cruz is denounced for “chickening out” by not supporting amnesty.

Stephens doesn’t shy from personal denunciations. His electoral plan calls for appealing to Hispanics, Asians, sexual deviants, and “moderates turned off by loudmouth vulgarians [Trump], oleaginous debate champs [Cruz] or ostentatiously pious Christians [Carson].”

Mark Levin responds:

Bret Stephens is a mouthpiece for amnesty, like the rest of the amnesty ideologues at the WSJ. And he’s a jester for big government Republicans and corporatists. He’s part of the same lame crowd that trashed the Tea Party over the debt. That would be the Tea Party that delivered the GOP both houses of Congress and record state legislative and gubernatorial victories. Conversely, Stephens and his ilk backed Boehner to the end as they back McConnell and Ryan now. … And the WSJ helped deliver us two terms of Obama with their early and constant propaganda for McCain and Romney.

Meanwhile, the GOP and Stephens celebrate one of the lousiest budgets in modern times and, of course, attack conservative critics as [purists] hellbent on electing Hillary. Does it get any dumber than these guys? Delusional. Unprincipled. Cronies.

The battle lines are drawn: the liberal establishment including its GOPe wing on one side, regular Americans on the other.

On a tip from Varla. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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