Q&A Friday #104: Why Shouldn’t We Want To Copy Our European Pals?

Question: “I am 45 and I work with and am somewhat influential with smart, younger people (25-30), most of who voted for Obama. To them “socialist”, “big government” and “european model” are not a scary thing. What would you say to someone who is not a dyed in the wool anti-capitalist, but who has been to Europe on vacation and has seen a very pleasant place and is also influenced by the pressure of not wanting to disappoint or appear unsophisticated to the leftwing european friends they visit.” — oldch

Answer: I would say to them that a lot of places are nice to go on vacation, but they wouldn’t want to live there. I’d also add that almost all of their “leftwing European friends” are living in declining, increasingly non-functional countries with decrepit economies, rapidly aging populations, and extremely depressing futures.

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