Hurricane Harvey Is Racist Or Something

Hurricane Harvey Is Racist Or Something

There are plenty of articles, opinion pieces, Tweets, and blog posts discussing Hurricane Harvey and anthropogenic climate change. Those were anticipated. The NY Times and Washington Post both take soft approaches on the subject. We have to head to the Daily Kos for the dumbest hot take (so far)

From the article by Excitable Kelly Macias

Southeast Texas and the coastal bend regions of the state are expected to be the hardest hit. While Hispanics make up about 40 percent of the state’s population, Texas has one of the largest black populations in the country. And they live concentrated in the areas that are predicted to be hardest hit. For example, several counties have already been declared a state of disaster by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

Jefferson County is 34 percent black. Other counties, like Harris, Galveston, Jasper, Colorado have black populations between 13-20 percent. Collectively, black people are the most populous minority in Southeast Texas though they are scattered around. This demographic data is important because it tells the story of who is likely to be impacted. In short, this hurricane is going to do incredible damage to the areas where black people live and many aren’t in positions to evacuate or financially withstand the impact.

Excitable Kelly continues on with stats for a bit, ending with

Roughly 1,400 died because of Katrina. Most of them were poor, elderly and black. Almost ten years later, the city had nearly 100,000 less black residents and their incomes were substantially less than before the hurricane. Meanwhile, the white population had decreased slightly but was wealthier. Child poverty was at 40 percent and violent crime remained persistent. The city may be considered “recovered” but it continues to have deep inequality along race and class lines. Texas and Hurricane Harvey aren’t likely to be exceptions. And since no one is even talking about the potential racial and socio-economic impact of this storm, it’s doubtful that local and government officials will be thinking about it during the clean up, either.

This is the way Progressives think. Race race race. Everything is about race. No one is really thinking of the way Hispanics are being affected. Nor whites. Nor any Asians. Because the rest of us just think about them as “people.” But, in Liberal World, Blacks are apparently too stupid and incompetent to take care of themselves, and can only accomplish anything with the Helping Hand Of Government. That’s racist.

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