Social Justice Rap Video Shows Little White Boy Being Hung – It’s Come To This Now?

Social Justice Rap Video Shows Little White Boy Being Hung – It’s Come To This Now?

Rapper XXXTentacion is in a lot of hot water right now.

Let’s start with right now and work our way back:

The rapper from Broward County, Florida just released a new rap music video for his song Look At Me, where among other things, XXXTentacion is depicted as hanging a white child in front of a black child. The song references the lynching of Emmett Till, a black teenager from Mississippi, who was murdered in 1955 when a white woman named Carolyn Bryant said that Till flirted with, or whistled at Bryant. After his death, his mother decided to have an open casket funeral for her son to let everyone witness what had happened to him and he became a major figure in the civil rights movement.

Before we continue on with the music video: XXXTentacion, or Jahseh Onfrey, has just been charged with aggravated battery of a pregnant woman (his girlfriend), as well as domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment and witness tampering. He’s been posting on Instagram denying the charges. Here’s one of his elegant rebuttals to his ex-girlfriend:

“f**ck ya’ll little sisters in their throats … Anybody that called me a domestic abuser, I’m finna domestically abuse ya’ll little sisters’ p**sy from the back.”

Truly, this man is the one who will end violence in America.

Seen walking with two children, a black and a white child (why on earth did their parents agree to this music video?!), XXXTentacion approaches a noose and then hangs the white child.

On the day that she escaped, his pregnant girlfriend reported that XXXTentacion was playing Minecraft and using Skype when she went to the kitchen and used an open fridge door as a cover where she could escape out of a side door, running to the nearest main street she could recognize. She used a stranger’s phone to call her ex-boyfriend whose mother then took her to the Miami Beach Police Department.

The video ends with a monologue by XXXTentacion asking for the end of racism and racial violence.

XXXTentacion was a subject of ridicule for the past week on social media as the allegations spilled out. If you don’t have kids, then you might not know that Minecraft is a game best loved by pre-teens. As well, if you look back into the rapper’s Twitter history, you can see that he has a strong affinity for hentai, or cartoon Japanese porn.

A few weeks ago, left-wing whiner Kurt Eichenwald was caught accidentally showing hentai on his desktop in a now-deleted photo on Twitter.

Anyway, this video is clearly designed to get more views and hand more attention to this idiot. He’ll get enough attention from the courts soon enough, so if you want to put more eyes on his obvious race-baiting, you can watch the video here:

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