A Source Provides Details to Fox News on ‘Massive New Evidence’ in the Freddie Gray Case

A Source Provides Details to Fox News on ‘Massive New Evidence’ in the Freddie Gray Case

What caused Freddie Gray’s death is still somewhat of a mystery, although the results were clear: Baltimore erupted into violent riots, egged on by race baiters with a divisive agenda to push. But it turns out that evidence has leaked showing that this case is not as clear cut as they would have us all believe.

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The Washington Post previously reported that Allen told investigators he believed Gray was “intentionally trying to injure himself” while being transported in the police van. Allen later said he “never talked to no investigators” and described that report to CNN as “very, very, very untrue.” Allen instead said he only heard a “little banging” and blasted the media for spreading misinformation.

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Fox News reported Monday night that the emergence of new evidence may suggest otherwise.

“Tonight we learn that The Washington Post was right,” host Megyn Kelly said. “A source close to the case telling us there is actual videotape of Donta Allen telling police that Freddie Gray was repeatedly banging his head against the van, that he sounded like a madman and that the was asking himself why cops would put him in the van with a crazy person.”

Gray’s mysterious death in police custody ignited riots in Baltimore earlier this year and prompted protests throughout the country.

A leaked autopsy revealed last week he suffered a “single, high energy injury.” According to the leaked report, the injury suffered by Gray was most likely caused when the van police were transporting him in suddenly decelerated, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Gray was not belted in the van, only shackled by officers and thus “at risk for an unsupported fall during acceleration or deceleration of the van,” the report said.

Did Gray intentionally harm himself, or was his death intentionally caused by the officers transporting him? The story is changing so often that the truth may never truly come out, but one thing is for certain: this is yet another case of police officers being crucified when the facts aren’t even remotely clear yet.

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