New York Magazine Writer Declares O.J. Simpson Verdict to Be Major Civil Rights Victory Because He Is Guilty

The militant leftists at ESPN have produced a nearly 8-hour-long documentary on the unconvicted but indisputably guilty murderer O.J. Simpson entitled The People v. O.J. Simpson. A review of it in New York Magazine by sportswriter Will Leitch provides insight into the minds of moonbats that is like staring into Dante’s Dolorous Abyss. An actual extract:

More than anything else, [the documentary] builds a profound, almost overwhelming case that O.J.’s acquittal in 1995 may have been one of the biggest civil-rights victories of the entire decade. The verdict was just cause for all that national celebration from African-Americans, even if he was guilty. Sh**, especially if he was.

Evidently Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman deserved to die for being white. Their rich and famous murderer deserved to go unpunished for being black.

Leitch has no illusions that O.J. is innocent of the horrific crime:

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O.J. does not pretend, by the way, that O.J. was innocent; if the detailed history of Simpson’s brutal abuse of Nicole wasn’t enough, a horrifying 15-minute segment in which former prosecutor Bill Hodgman coldly lays down precisely how Simpson butchered Nicole and Ron Goldman will remove any lingering doubts. … The verdict might have been bullsh**. That doesn’t mean, in its own way, it wasn’t a grand victory.

This is because according to leftist ideology blacks are not individuals responsible for their behavior, but rather exist as a single entity, which is a noble victim of the single entity that is the evil white race.

The corrosive sickness vomited forth by vermin like Will Leitch is presented to us as mainstream opinion. Kids grow up believing it. That is how an entire society becomes insane.

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad. Our cultural Marxist progressive ruling class is applying the same principle to American society in general.

Will Leitch: one sick moonbat.

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