Gary Johnson Hurls Replica of George Washington’s Pistol Into the Garbage

How could even the Libertarian Party’s dismal nominee Gary Johnson not be preferable to Shrillary and Trump, if only at the protest vote level? Let me count three of the ways: (1) he believes Christian bakers should be forced to bake homosexual wedding cakes, and Jewish bakers should be forced to bake Nazi cakes (yes, I’m serious); (2) he believes that libertarians agree with socialism so long as it is “voluntary” (yes, I’m serious); and (3) this:

[Defeated Libertarian candidate John] McAfee neglected to endorse Gary Johnson, but Austin Petersen made it clear from the beginning of his campaign that he would endorse whichever candidate the LP elected. While Petersen and Gary often had testy moments with each other in the debates, Austin stood by his word by endorsing Johnson after he won the candidacy.

As a token of good faith, Austin gave Johnson a replica of George Washington’s flintlock pistol, to let him know that he has Austin’s full support in the general election. Tearing up on the front stage of the convention floor, Austin said to Gary as he presented him with the pistol, “You have my sword, and you have my gun.”

Hours later, a number of delegates were reporting on social media that Johnson was seen tossing Austin’s pistol in the garbage. A husband and wife witnessed Johnson throwing out the pistol and retrieved it from the garbage. The pistol has since been returned to Austin Petersen and remains in his possession.

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The story is hard to believe, but it isn’t just rumor:

This story has been verified by numerous delegates at the convention, as well as a state coordinator for Austin Petersen. Entrepreneur and tech expert Israel Anderson was present in Austin’s hospitality suite when the gun was returned and can also confirm this story. The story has also been confirmed by libertarian talk show host Jason Stapleton.

Just as the Republican primary voters threw away a golden opportunity to put a conservative in the White House for the first time since Reagan when they chose Donald Trump over Ted Cruz, Libertarians passed up a chance to exploit massive voter dissatisfaction over the Hillary/Trump choice by choosing liberal fraud Johnson over real deal Petersen. It’s as if they don’t want anyone to take them seriously.

Petersen and the pistol. What a waste.

On a tip from Master of the Minions. Hat tip: Bearing Arms. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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