Black Teens DESTROY Trump Haters in Epic Rant: “If He’s Racist, Give Us Cold Hard Facts” [VIDEO]

Black Teens DESTROY Trump Haters in Epic Rant: “If He’s Racist, Give Us Cold Hard Facts” [VIDEO]

The evil that is mainstream media has for a long while been maliciously attacking “Donald Trump” with their selective reporting and unbalanced focus on truth. Essentially creating further hate, where hate is already brewing. Of course this is done to carry THEIR narrative and bring Trump down a notch or two. A man who loves America says he wants to make America great again and liberal media gets to work immediately to twist words, plant negative thoughts and fears, and that’s JUST the media. We have not even begun to talk about the liberal leadership our children are having to grow up with – causing entitlement, a feeling of zero responsibility, no accountability and free EVERYTHING without earning it. Well, here’s a breath of fresh air that may help you wade through all the liberal crap that lays waste around us…


From News Ninja:

Every day, more and more minorities are flocking to Youtube to explain why they are supporting Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. That’s a huge turnaround from Mitt Romney back in 2012, don’t you agree?

This is a great video and should be share. These two young men have most definitely captured the right message using common sense to come to a conclusion that is based on fact and not liberal propaganda.

These are a couple of fellas that are able to find their own truth instead of leaning on others and borrowing their ideas, thoughts and twisted truths. This here is a great example of two young men that have been able to see through the smokescreens and distractions created by liberal media and race-baiting idiots – to find the truth. They have done their research and now stand by what they believe is right, WITH reasons of their own, not borrowed ones. Like I said earlier…this is a breath of fresh air.

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