Orlando Shooter’s Wife Is MISSING – Things Are About to Get Messy…

Orlando Shooter’s Wife Is MISSING – Things Are About to Get Messy…

This is very unsettling news. The wife of the Orlando Killer who massacred 49 people and injured another 53 people Sunday morning has gone missing. Yesterday, she admitted to helping him scout out a location to shoot up and today authorities can’t find her, and her family isn’t saying a word…


From The Federalist Papers:

Local police recently went to Seddique Mateen’s house to speak with his son’s wife, but the problem is that she was not there and Seddique would not make known her location.

At a Fort Pierce home where members of the Mateen family were believed to have gathered inside, Seddique Mateen — father of the Orlando massacre shooter Omar Mateen — said Wednesday morning that Omar’s wife Noor Salman was “no longer here” and that she was no longer in the area. He would not say where she had gone.

Reporters were outside the house again Wednesday after also gathering there Tuesday.

At about noon, St. Lucie County sheriff’s deputies arrived, went into the house for a few minutes, then left. The deputies who came and went did not comment.

Seddique Mateen, who also has been giving media interviews from his Port St. Lucie home, asked reporters to leave the Fort Pierce house and said Noor Mateen was not inside. He alluded to other family members being there, but didn’t say who was inside.

What we have here is a potential fugitive from justice on the loose. It is strongly possible that Mateen’s radical Islamic ilk in the area helped Noor leave the area in order to avoid prosecution for complicity in the terrorist attack.

This is disturbing. What if just helping her husband find a location to commit a massacre was NOT the extent of her aid provided to the monster? Why would she admit to aiding him, then disappear the next day? I cannot help but suspect she may not be “just” a victim of circumstance, but more of an accomplice. Or worse…

This story is still developing and hopefully it does remedy itself sooner than later without any more innocent lives being affected. Stay tuned.

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