Hate Hoax: Seattle Africatown Center Graffiti

The Trump campaign could breathe new life into the racial grievance industry, given the Donald’s appeal to white supremacists. Hate hoaxers are already going to town:

Staff at the Africatown Center for Education and Innovation in Rainier Vista came upon evidence of a burglary and racist vandalism [Saturday]. The center, which operates out of the UMOJA Peace Center, runs educational and arts programs for African-American students as well as women’s and immigrants groups. It is temporarily suspending all activity.

Some equipment was stolen, but more alarming were the messages left scrawled on whiteboards, including swastikas, “N****r babies/Vote Trump,” and “Kell [sic] Wyking”—a death threat directed to Wyking Garrett, a respected community activist who runs the center. The center shared photos of the graffiti and the damage on Facebook.

The vandal couldn’t spell “kill,” but knew the name of the activist in charge of the center. That’s called doing your homework.

Next comes the pious puffing from gullible officials:

“Seattle will not tolerate this kind of hate,” Mayor Ed Murray said on Twitter. “We are ready to support Africatown Center as they work to recover, and know they’ll be back stronger than ever.”

Mysteriously, no one seemed to know how the vandal got inside.

Africatown Development Coordinator Yalonda Allen… said the vandals may have been “emboldened by a culture that’s allowing hate speech in mainstream media.”

You can see why leftists should take charge of what we are allowed to say.

The center is appealing for community support.

We have possible motive. As for the culprit, he was revealed in an update to the original story:

The [Seattle Police Department] says on its website it suspects an East African male of commiting the crime. The police have arrested him.

Here I was thinking it would turn out to be Sean Hannity or some other avid Donald Trump supporter.

Too bad news reports aren’t giving the vandal’s name. He could have been immortalized on the Hate Hoax List.

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