WHOA: Driver Swerves JUST IN TIME Avoiding Truck Driving at 70 mph on the WRONG SIDE OF ROAD

WHOA: Driver Swerves JUST IN TIME Avoiding Truck Driving at 70 mph on the WRONG SIDE OF ROAD

The moment a driver narrowly missed a head-on collision with a truck driving down the wrong side on the road has been caught on film. This heart stopping footage will make you glad that you weren’t in his shoes!


From the Daily Mail:

As Mike Wetz drove through Texas on Sunday 19 March, the road he was on seemed quiet and clear.

But as he cruised round a bend, a Dodge Ram travelling at 70mph on the wrong side soon came in to view.

The truck driver continued, seemingly oblivious, straight towards Mr Wetz’s Ford Focus.

With a split-second swerve, Mr Wetz maneuvered to the hard shoulder with the truck unflinching in its direction, just missing his car.

Mr Wetz, from Bandera, Texas, USA, said: ‘It was a heart-in mouth moment – the truck driver seemed almost suicidal.

‘Everything seemed to move in slow motion for a few seconds.

‘It felt as though the driver was aiming for me, he didn’t even flinch as he sped towards me’ said Mr Weltz.

He added that it was terrifying to think about what might have happened if he hadn’t have swerved.

‘It all happened too fast I didn’t get a chance to see who was driving or what they were doing.

‘My mind was racing evaluating the options I had after I recognized there was a major issue with this vehicle.

‘I was in shock, I did not turn around and chase the guy down my reaction was to get as far away from this guy as possible.

‘My vehicle is a Ford Focus – weighing about 3,200lbs – and the Dodge Ram truck is over 7,000lbs.

‘There wasn’t good odds in a fight with us each going 70mph.’

Wow! I am sure glad that I wasn’t caught in the middle of this! The dash cam sure caught it all, thank goodness. Maybe law enforcement will be able to identify the vehicle and bring this crazy driver to justice!

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