Ray Lewis, Former NFL Player, Denounces Black Lives Matter

Ray Lewis, Former NFL Player, Denounces Black Lives Matter

Sometimes in football, you get bad calls from the refs. But a former football player for the Ravens, Ray Lewis, has mad an impeccable call against #blacklivesmatter and the detriment that they are causing to the black community:

ray lewis

If you want to get the ire of a handful of black sellouts, just denounce the bogus movement known as #BlackLivesMatter.

These racists are like fire ants swarming when their mound is kicked over. And that’s just what former NFL player Ray Lewis did, when he called for blacks to “make lives matter.”
According to NBC:

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“As New Jersey’s largest city continues to grapple with urban violence, Former NFL player Ray Lewis sent an “urgent” call for residents of the predominantly Black city to “make lives matter.”

The former Baltimore Ravens linebacker said while he understands that social conditions for Black people are among the worst nationwide, “it doesn’t give people the excuse to kill each other.”

“Remove the word black and say ‘lives matter,’” he declared, in context of the Black Lives Matter movement. “Stop sending mothers back home empty. You can never replace a mother’s child. If we want black lives matter, let’s make it matter to us. That’s the new call.”

With the new position as guest lecturer at Yale for DeRay McKesson, it’s just a matter of time before the wheels come off this movement. At some point when prominent blacks begin getting the ire of other blacks, this movement will eventually fall apart.

Kudos to Ray Lewis for speaking out.

Indeed, kudos for the strong stance on such a flimsy issue. When even the people it is supposed to help starts to scoff at it, it’s time to re-evaluate.

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