TURNAROUND: Former Inmate Prays With His Arresting Officer, Asks God To Help The Police

TURNAROUND: Former Inmate Prays With His Arresting Officer, Asks God To Help The Police

Let’s warm your heart today, shall we? This story of redemption and personal growth ought to do it

amey and chapas

Prompted by the slew of attacks on police officers, a former inmate who turned his life around, caused a social media frenzy by praying with the officer who arrested him eight years ago, asking God to protect police from violent criminals.

Texas City patrolman Salvador “Sal” Chapa was attending a barbecue on Saturday when he was approached by Doc Amey, a man he arrested eight years ago for a gun offense. So disturbed by the attacks on police, Amey pulled Chapa to the side of the crowd, where the two joined hands and said a prayer for the officer’s safety, according to ABC13.

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Fellow barbecue-goer Kevin Woods was so touched by Amey’s prayer, that he snapped a picture of the pair and shared it on Facebook saying, “We should be seeing more of this in America. There shouldn’t be race involved and this is living proof that color doesn’t matter. This is a prime example. All lives matter ONE NATION UNDER GOD!”

Doc Amey was sentenced to five years for the gun charge, and served a year and a half before getting out on good behavior – he found God in prison, and since then graduated from Bible college with perfect attendance. He’d seen his arresting officer a few times since getting out of jail but the recent spate of attacks on police made it a more urgent necessity to approach him in the spirit of prayer.

The photo went viral, with 30,000 shares on Facebook. It seems there might be a lot more people who appreciate the police and the job they do than there are #BlackLivesMatter anti-cop radicals.

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