The Knockout Game Is Back, As Black Teens Beat Up A Homeless White Man In Louisville

We were hoping this was a momentary thing that shortly went away, but apparently we’re not that lucky.

According to one of the black teens who participated in a violent attack on a homeless man, it was all fun and games — as in the “knock out game.”

While the Black Lives Matter movement bemoans self-perceived claims of racial profiling and brutality at the hands of police, in many parts of the country it’s the lone white man who need fear reprisal for little more than the color of his skin.

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Andre Richards, 19, one of three teenagers who beat a white Louisville, Ky., homeless man in June, told investigators they were playing “KO” or the “knock out game,” according to WHAS-TV.

The knock out game typically involves young blacks trying to knock unconscious unsuspecting victims, usually white, with a single blow.

The “game” was popular for some time on social media, but appeared to have subsided, even as liberal news outlets persisted in saying it was a myth all along.

“Explain to me what the point of it is, this KO game,” a detective asked. “To prove  how tough you are? Do ya’ll get something out of it?”

“Nah, it’s just a game,” Richards replied. “[There is] one point. You go to sleep. It’s called KO.”

The complete lack of compassion and respect for one’s fellow man that would lead street punks to attack unsuspecting, innocent people simply because they’re of a different race isn’t anything particularly new. In fact, it was a hallmark of the racist South in which white teens attacked innocent blacks for fun.

Thankfully, those days are gone. But it seems that rather than eliminate racism, to paraphrase Thomas Sowell, it’s simply being put under new management.

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