Chick-fil-A Owner and Good Samaritan Declines Homeless Man’s Offer to Work For Food and Gives Him Something Even Better [Video]

Amidst all the awful things we see happening across the world these days, you begin to wonder about humanity and their continued existence. Then something like this catches your attention. Mark Meadows is truly a good human being, who walks the walk of Christianity. He hasn’t just helped one person down on their luck or in dire straights, he makes it a habit. When a homeless man came into Chick-fil-A looking for work to earn some food, Meadows gave the man his gloves and had his staff feed him, with no strings attached. The young man seemed hesitant to take the gloves and food, but Mark insisted. This is the very definition of Christian charity.

From IJReview:

Mark Meadows is no stranger to the public eye, but not because he wants attention. The local owner of a Birmingham, AL, Chick-fil-A, Meadows is known around those parts for being something of a Good Samaritan.

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Last year, for instance, when the “Snowpocalypse” blanketed parts of Alabama with snow and stranded motorists along Highway 280, Meadows distributed chicken sandwiches and chicken biscuits free of charge to drivers stuck in their cars.

And last Wednesday, when a young man came in from the cold and asked if he could do some chores in exchange for food, Meadows didn’t hesitate to help.

A customer caught the incident, snapped a photo, uploaded it to Facebook, and has made Meadows famous once again for his generous heart.

The caption below the photo reads:

“I’m a Chick-fil-A fan and have been for years. I trust the food for my son and support companies that are founded on Christian beliefs.

What I saw today just confirms why this chain is so successful — God blesses His people.

My son and I were at the location on Highway 280 in Birmingham, AL when a man came in to escape the 35 degree temps and strong winds with all of his earthly possessions strapped to his back.

Most businesses would force him out, but I watched as the manager walked up to him and asked if he could do anything for him. Before the man could even answer, the manager asked if he had a pair of gloves and walked to the table at which he’d been sitting and picked up his own. As he handed the man his gloves, he asked another employee to get him something to eat.

It was wonderful to see your employees being the hands and feet of Jesus, and that my son was able to witness it all. Thank you for putting your money where your mouth is.

Edit: I just learned this man is the owner and that makes it even better IMO.”

When asked Meadows why he was always lending a hand to his customers, Meadows didn’t seem to think he did anything special:

“I just did the right thing,” he said. “I’m simply awe struck about all this attention.”

People who know Meadows personally have spoken up on the store location’s Facebook page, sharing that this is typical behavior from the 25-year owner/operator.

Most people respect the acts of kindness and admire Meadows for his giving and caring ways. But it makes me ill to see how hateful some people are that comment on YouTube and other places. If you can’t find it in your heart and soul to help the less fortunate… to give when someone is so obviously in need… then you’ve lost your way. Meadows is truly surprised that people think his acts of kindness are unusual – they shouldn’t be. But in a world that grows darker by the minute, those that adhere to their faith and answer the call of God are fewer and fewer in number. Here’s to you Mark… for all you do, bless you.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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