Horrifying New ISIS Video Appears to Show a Boy Executing Prisoners

Horrifying New ISIS Video Appears to Show a Boy Executing Prisoners

It seems that every week, ISIS comes up with new ways to shock and horrify the world. Their latest video stands out not because they executed two men they accused of being spies, but because the person who carried out the execution was a child.

ISIS young boy

A disturbing new propaganda video has come out from ISIS, and it is said to show a young boy executing two prisoners.

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Shepard Smith reported this afternoon on what the gruesome video shows.

The two men first identify themselves as Russian spies, though ISIS videos often show hostages making coerced confessions.

They are then murdered by the boy while the older ISIS terrorist watches. It’s unclear how old the child is.

After appearing to shoot both men, one multiple times, the boy then smiles and pumps his gun in the air, Smith reported.

Islamic terrorists truly are the lowest of the low, barely even able to classify as human beings. They use women and children as human shields and force them to act as suicide bombers, they indoctrinate children with their bloodlust from infancy, and now they’re even forcing children to murder people for them. They are truly the scourge of the earth.

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