How to Destroy a Religion

While Obama and the Supreme Court attack Christianity from without, other leftists inflict still more crippling damage from within. This demonstrates what happens when a Christian church becomes infiltrated and subverted by liberals:


This is a condom that was given out [earlier this month] at the 2015 Wild Goose Festival, an annual progressive Christian hootenanny. Chicago Theological Seminary is a left-wing seminary affiliated with the United Church of Christ. The rainbow fire logo is an LGBT-friendly version of the … seminary’s logo.

The text advises takers to grab two condoms in case of two orgasms.

It likens the Second Coming of Christ to sex, in particular gay sex.

The Bible repeatedly characterizes gay sex as a grievous sin.

Churches that become infected with this sort of moonbattery shrivel up and die:

One hardly needs to worry about the UCC; it is declining so rapidly that they will cease to exist in the next 15 to 20 years.

Other churches will follow.

Church leaders who make room for this garbage under the guise of “relevance” and “inclusiveness” are signing their own death warrant, and the rest of us should give no quarter to this contagion.

Already whole denominations have been reduced to sick jokes, e.g., Presbyterianism. The rust of liberalism will corrode anything away to nothingness. The homosexual marriage decree will accelerate this process.

On a tip from Steve T. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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