Launching a Looting Spree: Muslim Wants Money Because Restaurant’s Food Was Not Halal

Not even Al Sharpton could come up with such an effortless shakedown scheme. All a Muslim has to do is eat at any kafir’s restaurant; then he can sue because the food wasn’t halal:

A devout Muslim who says he was served pork at a Winchester restaurant has branded the chain “disgraceful” and “insensitive”.

Karim Kazane, from Micheldever, has spent three years fighting for compensation from Zizzi after he discovered pepperoni in a meal at their High Street branch.

The 23-year-old was half-way through a carne picante, advertised as containing beef and chicken, when he discovered the meat banned under Islam. He has demanded £5,000 [US $7,677] from the Italian food chain and may take legal action.

Whimpers Kazane:

“I have lost trust in eating out completely and never would trust to eat anywhere but home again, because I believe Zizzi have taken that social freedom, once had, away.”

You read that correctly; a Muslim is complaining about the loss of “social freedom” he suffers as a result of the entire world not yet having submitted to Islamic totalitarianism.

If Kazane manages to collect because there was allegedly pepperoni in his lunch, this paves the way for lawsuits over any meat from an animal that was not butchered by the inhumane practices required to qualify as halal.

Karim Kazane, greedy victim of non-halal food.

On a tip from Ben S. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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