Pope Francis To Call For Revolution On Hotcoldwetdry

Pope Francis has been moving the Roman Catholic church into the realm of “climate change” over the past few months, lending his voice to the unhinged Cult of Climastrology. He’s now poised to make it official

(UK Daily Mail) Pope Francis is to call for a stop to climate change and global inequality in a letter due to be sent to the world’s 1.2billion Catholics.

In an unprecedented encyclical on environment, the Argentinian pontiff is expected to call for a ‘fundamental change of course to protect the earth and its people’.

The UN believes the letter, which will be called ‘Laudato Sii’ or ‘Praised Be’ and is due to be published on Thursday, will have a ‘major impact’ and could herald the start of a ‘transformation’.

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In the letter, which will be sent to the 5,000 Catholic bishops around the world and published in five languages online, the Pope is expected to argue that the world faces ruin without a revolution in hearts and minds.

When is this ruin coming? Cult of Climastrology members have been predicting doom for decades. What of all their prognostications of an ice free Arctic? None have come to pass. ABC News predicted in 2008 that 2015 would see NYC under water and hundreds of miles of land on fire due to “climate change”. We were told that 2005 would be the “new normal” for hurricanes. Didn’t happen. Superstorm Sandy was also supposed to be the new normal. Nope. We get prediction after prediction, and none come to pass. Though the CoC does work overtime to blame every weather event on Hotcoldwetdry. Including cold and snowy winters.

Cardinal Peter Turkson, of Ghana – who oversaw the drafting of the encyclical – said action to halt climate change was needed. He said the letter would address the root causes of poverty and the threats facing nature.

He told a conference on climate change at the Vatican earlier this year: ‘We clearly need a fundamental change of course, to protect the earth and its people — which in turn will allow us to dignify humanity.’

Just as Warmists link every real world issue, particularly environmental issues, to “climate change”, which damages the impact of the real issue, linking poverty to “climate change” diminishes the importance of that issue, particularly when inexpensive, affordable, reliable, and accessible energy does more to lift people out of poverty than anything else.

The Pope’s letter is likely to have a major impact in spurring UN negotiations on global warming and will add a moral dimension to work on climate change, experts predicted.

I’ve written many times about the intersection of religion with the far left Progressive (nice fascist) movement when it comes to “climate change”, and this brings to mind a few questions: does Pope Francis believe it is moral for citizens to give up their freedoms to Government? Does he think citizens should put control of their lives in the hands of Government? Is it moral to force citizens to be subservient to The Government? Because those are things that are primary tenets of Progressivism. Having government accumulate more power over citizens, private entities, and economies, all for people’s own good. Does he think that this pronouncement will ingratiate the Catholic Church to the far left, which despises religion?

Does he think it’s a good idea to increase the power of the United Nations, a body chock full of tyrants, dictators, and murderers? A body whose peace-keepers have been involved with rape, theft, destruction of property, and host of other bad behavior? A body which ran the Oil For Food program, one full of graft, which saw the food diverted, among other problems? A body which ignored the Rwanda massacre? And other massacres? One which which wants to destroy the nation of Israel? One which had the sex-for-food scandal? How about a body that has nations such as China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and others serving on the Human Rights Commission? The list goes on and on.

Perhaps Pope Francis should take a look at the computer models, and see how wrong they have been. Perhaps he should note that Warmists have to “adjust” their data to match their predictions. Perhaps he should note that the climate has always changed, and will always change. Perhaps he should note that he’s being duped. Like the rest of the Cult of Climastrology.

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