7 Major Companies Tell Conservatives They Don’t Want Their Money & Pull Ads from Hannity [VIDEO]

7 Major Companies Tell Conservatives They Don’t Want Their Money & Pull Ads from Hannity [VIDEO]

Sean Hannity is under fire and several companies are pulling their advertisements from his program. The announcement of these companies’ boycott occurred after the Fox News host’s interview of Roy Moore, the Alabama Senate candidate. Apparently, Mr. Hannity was not tough enough on Mr. Moore during their interview and did not scold and belittle him, but rather asked him poignant questions about the allegations.

Media Matters put the pressure on the sponsors to pull their ads. Keurig, Eloquii, Realtor.com, Nature’s Bounty, 23andMe, Hebrew National Hotdogs and E-Trade have announced that they are no longer going to advertise on Hannity’s political talk show. Although these types of boycotts are nothing new, it seems the sides are becoming more polarized than ever.

“We have continuously worked with our advertising agency partners and media buyers to ensure that no HelloFresh ads are running during his programs,” a HelloFresh representative told Business Insider via email. “We always refresh our advertising outlets with considerations for current events which we do not condone.”

Amid the controversy, there has been some push back by conservative types. When the coffee machine company Keurig announced on their Twitter page that they are no longer advertising on the Hannity show, there was an immediate response by those who disagreed with their boycott with a “boycott” of their own. The new trend was to post on social media showing them destroying the Keurig coffee machines.

The CEO of Keurig’s Bob Gamgort, quickly apologized for “any negativity” faced by his employees in light of the company’s boycott announcement. He also was reported as saying the company pulling ads from Hannity was “highly unusual” and was “outside of company protocols,” BusinessInsider reported. “This gave the appearance of ‘taking sides’ in an emotionally charged debate that escalated on Twitter and beyond over the weekend, which was not our intent,” Gamgort said.

“Clearly, this is an unacceptable situation that requires an overhaul of our issues response and external communications policies and the introduction of safeguards to ensure this never happens again,” Gamgort added. “The nature of social media and the internet news environment is that stories like this explode, and generally do not disappear quickly.”

Stories like this explode. A great pun if I ever did see one Mr. Gamgort.

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