About That Rift

Matt Lewis talks about the divide over the Delaware race:

The 2010 Republican primary elections have pleasantly provided us with many examples of conservative insurgents ousting establishment insiders.

But as I noted yesterday, Tuesday’s GOP primary in Delaware is different. It is the first time bona fide conservatives are sharply divided over whether to support the Tea Party candidate (Christine O’Donnell) over the establishment candidate (Rep. Mike Castle).

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Still, it is clear that O’Donnell’s candidacy has exposed a growing rift within conservatism that will need to be addressed at some point.

About that divide…

Here is what will determine the outcome and will keep conservatives unified: If the Republicans start playing patty cake and compromise with President Obama over core issues like taxes, expanding the government, keeping provisions of Obamacare, etc., there will be war.

Republicans have to stand for something or else they stand for nothing.

And right now, the American people don’t believe them on the issues that have always defined Republicans: personal responsibility, small government, for the small business man, champion of the individual, viscerally opposed to all taxes on principle.

If the Republicans acquiesce in matters of principle, WHY DO THEY EXIST?

Seriously. Why do the Maine sisters call themselves Republicans and then vote for higher taxes? Is there nothing, not one principle, that the GOP stands for?

At a very fundamental level, the Democrats stand for the ever expanding state. Ostensibly, the Republicans stand for individual freedom (that means less regulation, less taxes, less burdens).

What the Republicans don’t realize is that they’ve killed their own brand. The American people are giving them one last chance to actually live their stated beliefs. If they refuse to do this, it is THEY’RE FAULT voters are voting purposefully so they will lose.

The Republicans show absolute contempt for the American people by putting up freedom-destroying candidates. It is their own damn fault that there may be some less than stellar candidates out there. I will not own the problem they’ve created after a decade of malfeasance. And I will not be lectured to by morally superior ninnies telling me that I’m destroying our Republic because I’m more concerned about the big picture than any one race.

Now, as Republicans and some conservatives see power at the tips of their fingers, they want it back at all costs not realizing that getting it back while having sellouts is not addressing the real problem and reinforces the Republican notions that they know better for us than we know for us.

I don’t think that many, even on the right, quite understand the depth and utter fullness of loathing the American people currently have for the entire system. In fact, I know they don’t. They’re focusing on this or that race. They enjoy the process of politics and are rather philosophical. Political movements come and go, they say to themselves, come, let us discuss policy.

It is not about policy any more. It’s about a disenfranchised electorate who are pissed off. They hate the Democrats for being quasi Socialists. They despise the Republicans for talking out of both sides of their mouths.

Has anyone noticed that the American people STILL hold the Republicans in dim regard? Do the Republicans think that it’s just fashionable to hate politicians and that “this, too, shall pass”?

Anyone who believes the above statement is wrong and completely, and utterly, and tragically, out of touch.

What we’re seeing in America today is akin to Jesus tossing the tables of the money changers in the temple. And if you think the next two years are going to be any easier for a politician, I have very bad news: it’s not over. The next two years are going to be brutal.

Every single politician up for election in 2012 is in trouble, too. If you are an incumbent and you’re unresponsive to your voters, YOU ARE IN TROUBLE.

This is not a threat. This is not some macho display of juvenile angst. This is simply an obvious reading of the American people. If one has eyes to see, that is.

So while lots of people are down in the nuts and bolts of the Delaware election, I’d like to remind everyone that it really isn’t about Delaware at all. It’s about a ruling class that is disgusted at the thought of having to engage the little people and the little people are sick to death of that attitude.

The government passed Obamacare against everyone’s will. The government made it harder for people in difficult times to declare bankruptcy. The government bailed out irresponsible banks and businesses with the peoples’ money.

But more than specific policies, it’s an attitude of lordship so extant in every area of leadership–from the academy to the elected class to the media. It’s astonishing in its scope and hubris. These same jerks who have nearly bankrupted our country are lecturing us about how stupid we are? In a street fight, the average person would be kicking the elite’s candy ass.

The voters intent on ousting the obnoxious incumbents (so reasoned, so rational, so smarter-than-you) is a punch in the face to the establishment of both parties. Mistake what is going on here at your own peril, politicians.

Unity will come when the elites in the conservative/Republican movement adhere to even one core principle. Just one. But these days, that’s like trying to find a one good man in Sodom. Don’t be surprised by the firestorm.

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