Christine O’Donnell Wins And The GOP Rages Against The Machine People

When the GOP started attacking Christine O’Donnell fiercely a couple weeks back, I figured she must be up in the internal polling. In fact, I figured she’d win. And tonight, in a race that stunned nearly everyone but Christine O’Donnell and her very motivated followers, she did just that.

What I wasn’t sure about, was how Mike Castle and the GOP would respond. Well, now we know. The NRSC, off the record of course, said they won’t support Christine O’Donnell. That’s unsurprising. What’s intemperate and indicates that the Republican establishment types have no use for working with other grassroots winners was their timing and nature of their announcement. Staffers talking behind the scenes? Really? This is being handled poorly and is like snapping a red towel in front of a raging bull.

In addition, Karl Rove went through a leftist talking points list about Christine O’Donnell’s perceived failings–all relatively minor quibbles as Sean Hannity pointed out–on Fox tonight. Well, okay then. I suspect that he 1) likes and worked for and with Castle and was personally disappointed and 2) hates losing with a passion and believes Christine will lose come November. Either way, it sits wrong with conservatives and will probably create more distance between the GOP and the base, if that were possible.

Here’s what one Christine O’Donnell supporter said about his meeting with Karl Rove via The Right Scoop (where all juicy video goodness comes from):

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So, there’s that.

Now, Mike Castle, the beloved 70 year old Christine O’Donnell competitor says he won’t support O’Donnell and gets snarky:

As to whether the national party would back O’Donnell, a Castle campaign source said the campaign has no knowledge of their thinking but said “they should save their money.”

A couple thoughts about all this:

1. I agree with this assessment.

2. My electoral priority is Sharron Angle. Period. End of story. If I had to choose which Senatorial race I want to win, it’s that one.

3. Anyone can win in this environment. Anyone.

4. The G.O.P. created a situation where the new American electorate feel so insulted, they’ve ceased to be interested in voting for a long-time, unresponsive politician. The Republican party got fat and lazy during the Bush tenure. They increasingly got tone deaf. They didn’t develop and bring along nice Republican candidates. They rejected new blood and actively worked against it. I know this for a damn straight fact. What to do? The only solution is to infuse the part with new blood that means pissing off a lot of people who feel entitled. It’s inevitable.

5. It’s going to get worse after November 2. There’s much jostling politically, to be done. And the fight for the ideological soul of the part has just begun.

6. Had Castle won, the grassroots would have unified behind him. The charity clearly doesn’t go both ways. With each successive primary loss, the Republicans at the top have gotten increasingly shrill, desperate and angry-acting. Charlie Crist runs as an independent. Toomey, who we were told would never win, leads. Lisa Murkowski still dabbles in a write-in candidacy.

Here’s the deal, the Republican establishment are in a double-bind. They want power back soooo badly, but they do not want to have support the people that the voters chose. With each successive race lost, their frustration builds. And yet, they need these candidates in order to get their coveted power desires fulfilled. So yes, they make some crazy decisions and are acting emotional and irrational and very, very angry.

7. It’s not just conservative grassroots. I keep seeing this mistake made and it’s a big one. The Republican party, the Democrats, the conventional wisdom, the media all seem to think that the Tea Party is some aberration of the conservative base. This is wrong. This phenomenon is an American one and cuts across many constituencies. The perception is that D.C. is so screwed up, that anyone new will be better.

When the Republicans in DC disrespect Christine O’Donnell’s win, they reinforce the notion that they are all about keeping their power at all costs. This, in turn, reinforces the fact that they’re completely disconnected from the will of the American people.

Anyway, onward and upward. November 2 is too far away, I fear. More fear and loathing to come.

Congratulations, Christine O’Donnell, on your historic win. Best of luck in Delaware! Best of luck to all Republican nominees.

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