BREAKING: Top Republican Resigns

BREAKING: Top Republican Resigns

Just this morning, one of the men involved in investigating the Clintons has announced that he will no longer be involved in politics after his current term is up this time next year.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte from Virginia has posted a statement, sharing it on social media, detailing his plan to leave and thanking everyone for their support for his last 25 years representing the Sixth Congressional District of Virginia:

“I extend my deepest thanks to the people of Virginia’s Sixth District who have placed their trust in me.”

Rep. Goodlatte has been in the news often lately, since he has been teamed up with Rep. Trey Gowdy as part of a joint investigation in the Department of Justice’s terrible job of handling their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s wiped email servers. They have been planning to dig into the actions that the DOJ had taken to investigate both the servers themselves and Hillary Clinton. At the time the illegal servers were in use, Clinton was the Secretary of State for Barack Obama and she was using her private servers for her office’s communications, which prevented the emails from being accessed by other government officials should the need arise. When the servers were found out, they had already been wiped clean, but the deleted emails have been recovered from other sources.

Rep. Goodlatte joins a few other Republicans who have already announced their intention to not run again, both so they can enjoy their own retirement and to make way for a new crop of Republican representatives to step up to the plate. Goodlatte’s district in Virginia covers most of the Shenandoah Valley all the way to Roanoke and is expected to stay in Republican hands. Last year, Trump took the district by almost 25 points.

Goodlatte’s announcement came just after the election of a new Virginia Governor this week, where the Democrat Ralph Northam won with nine points over his Republican opponent.

In August of this year, we reported on Rep. Goodlatte’s cheering on of the destruction of Operation Choke Point, a program created by the Obama administration that was found to be unfairly targeting conservative groups. It was intended to be an “anti-fraud initiative,” but really just unfairly attacked gun retailers by bullying banks into denying services to businesses that deal in firearms.

Hopefully, Goodlatte will be able to help to continue to clean out the Obama administration’s leftover anti-conservative programs along with Trey Gowdy as they dig deeper into the Department of Justice in the remaining months.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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