Unknown Suspect: Shots Fired, Police Cruiser Stolen in Providence [VIDEO]

Unknown Suspect: Shots Fired, Police Cruiser Stolen in Providence [VIDEO]

Police have not yet released the name or any information on a person who stole a police cruiser in Rhode Island this morning during a routine traffic stop.

Local officials are still being briefed on the situation.

Law enforcement who were involved have now confirmed that the cruiser has been found, abandoned on Vineyard Street in Providence. As well, a firearm that was known to have been in the cruiser at the time that was stolen was still in the car. Whether it had been used to fire the alleged shots is unknown.

At a nearby convention center, a security guard who was stationed in a parking lot reported that he heard “several shots” fired nearby, in the direction where the cruiser was allegedly driven.

The section of road where the suspect was believed to have taken the cruiser was detoured for a brief time and may still be blocked off. Information is still only slowly coming in and police have not given a full press briefing yet.

Local reports, mostly available via social media, are showing that there are many police currently in the area.

In a shorter press briefing, the Providence Police Col. Hugh Clements has reported that they were able to use the GPS in the missing cruiser to track down the suspect. They also confirmed that they know the identity of the suspect, but they didn’t give any more details. In the brief report emailed from a state police spokesperson, Laura Meade Kirk said that their troopers are still investigating the stolen car “during a traffic stop on Route 146 at approximately 9 a.m. today,” with no further comment.

Police were seen to be walking in the cordoned-off areas with their rifles out, along with an active K-9 unit where the cruiser was found abandoned. Local schools were put on lockdown orders that have since been lifted and the police were viewed entering an adult education center called the Genesis Center. On calling the Center, the person on the other line would not comment further.

Local news stations are just gathering their reporters now and will be updating the rest of the country on the situation as it develops this afternoon. So far, there are still no reports on whether the suspect has been located.

The state’s medical examiner is also on the scene, but there are no known reports of injuries to police officers or bystanders, and it is still unknown if the suspect may have been injured.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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